About Us

First of all hello! Welcome, thank you for your interest in our shop.
Tummycon Shaper worked really hard putting all of this together just to keep you - the end customer - happy. Hope you can feel the real love for our products when you buy from us! We have the highest quality products , while providing excellent customer satisfaction. Waist trainer can help us to shape anytime and anywhere. Healthy and soft fabrics are comfortable to wear all day long. It can be well invisible under our clothes without being noticeable. It can also be used in gyms, offices, yoga rooms, etc. To help us better shape the charming curve, it is the ideal equipment for all kinds of sports and daily life.

Body Wraps

Tummycon Vixen Compression Suit belt attached | TUMMYCON SHAPERS
  • Multifunctional Waist Trainer Wrap

    Shapewear can flatten your abdomen, reduce waistline, support your back, postpartum recovery, improve posture, relieve low back pain, protect your spine, accelerate fat burning during exercise, enhance your exercise and show your curve by helping to improve thermal activity and sweat!

  • Comfortable Waist Tummy Wrap

    stomach wrap made of comfortable and breathable elastic material, it has a strong wrapping property, which can firmly squash the abdomen. The simple design of a belt can freely adjust the elasticity to fit your body and wrap you better than ever. The entire abdomen provides 2 times better compression than a normal waist trainer.